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The main goal of this organization is to provide opportunities for students to grow in their areas of interest while learning how to work with others. We believe that communication is an important skill to have in order to grow yourself. BrightScore Academy is more than just academic enrichment. It is a place where students can grow alongside one another. We like to say, “Be able to learn it today, and teach it tomorrow”.

We believe that developing a conceptual understanding is very useful. This involves understanding WHY something works instead of simply memorizing it. This type of learning is a great way to prepare for challenges and will allow students to answer questions no matter which way they are asked.

Our volunteers were chosen based off of their academic performance, but also for their passion to give back to the community. These volunteers have been given great opportunities throughout their schooling, which has brought them to where they are today. They feel the need to provide these amazing opportunities for younger children as well. Join us in learning skills that will take you further than a textbook ever can.

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Fill out an application to volunteer at BrightScore Academy. Join us to give back to the community while also reinforcing your basic skills.

Meet our Volunteers



Volunteers are instrumental to the success of our organization. These highly-motivated high school students have a passion for working with other students are keen on giving back to the community. 

From excelling in math competitions to taking rigorous coursework in school, our volunteers have demonstrated mastery in the subjects they are teaching.

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